Will you be the next victim of this silent killer?

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Harvard researchers estimated that this killer is responsible for over 5.3 million death in 2008 alone, same as cigarette smoking.¬†Another study published by the Lancet finds that this global pandemic is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide. It is …. the globalization of the American lifestyle!

Call it irony, but the rise of technological advancements that brought us modern day conveniences might¬†actually decrease our lifespan. BBC and NY Times among other leading publications have all predicted that the current generation will have a shorter lifespan than the previous generation. This sedentary lifestyle have led Huffington Post to call “sitting is the new smoking”. But if you are thinking that chucking out your sitting desk over for a standing desk will help, then sorry, latest research published on the Cochrane Library has shown that its more of a fad than actual science.

Hence the actual solution to this epidemic is for people to started moving more. Based on the US National Health Interview Survey in 2000, 2005 and 2010, increasing number of doctors are starting to prescribe exercise to their patients. Because exercise has been proven to be a better medicine both to help many things from increase insulin sensitivity for diabetic people, treating depression and anxiety, heck if you have a bad knee, proper exercise (I emphasize that you MUST get a good personal trainer not some guy that got his certificate from some “guru” that never does his own research) is actually more effective than glucosamine.

And no, despite what some people claim, simple 1/2 hour brisk walking is not enough. US based Centers of Disease Control and Prevention recommends men, women and even children to do both cardio and weight training. Hong Kong Department of Health also recommend both cardio and weight training. So at the end of the day, its not your pills of standing desks or excuses from some doctors with outdated knowledge that will help you. Its regularly hitting some “iron diet”. Are you finally going to get off your bum or are you still waiting to be the next victim of this global pandemic?

Check out my YouTube channel for some strength training ideas and leave a comment there or on FaceBook. Remember folks, if you experience any joint pain or other problems while doing any exercise, you should regress it or better yet, contact me as not all the exercises are for everyone.

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