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Why The Biggest Looser Contestants Gained All Their Weight Back

Everybody loves a quick result. And the fact is, there are more overweight and obese people in this generation than preceding generations. Everybody also knows that being overweight is not healthy. Combine all these and our fascination with “reality show” and you get yourself “The Biggest looser”. On the surface, its a wonderful show where obese people can loose weight and be healthy simply by working hard and eating right. So what could go wrong?

Most of The Contestant Regained Their Weight Back

Based on recent follow up study done by the National Institute of Health on 14 past Biggest Looser participants, all but one regained most, if not all of their weight. This was covered by the Scientific AmericanCNN, USA Today, and New York Times. What is most depressing is that not only these contestants regained most of their weight, but their resting metabolic rate (RMR) slowed down to an average of 704 Kcal/day. FYI The average RMR for men in US is 1,662 Kcal/day and for women is 1,493 Kcal/day. I.e, even though these past contestants already ate less than what the average person eats, they still ended up being fatter in the long run.

Does this sound like anybody you know?

Why is this not a surprise

Sadly, this is a well known condition that has been scientifically proven, called  neuroendocrineimmune dysfunction or among the bodybuilding circle called metabolic damage. Yes, those meatheads spending most of their time at the gym actually knows a thing or two about science most people don’t. This is basically a dysfunction where your body goes into starvation mode and its part of natural adaptation mechanism where your body does its best to preserve energy (i.e. your body fat) before getting its next meal. And considering how the contestants had to deal with low intensity cardio at long interval and very low calorie consumption over extended period, its no wonder that this occurs.

What should be done

If you know a heavy set person trying to loose weight, and you don’t want that person to have a metabolic damage, then the best way to ensure long lasting weight loss might actually sound counter productive. He or she must not starve to death. Yes, he should eat high quality foods (for example: no refined sugar, no deep fried, no margarine, no alcohol) but at the same time, he should eat when he feels hungry. And instead of doing steady state cardio over extended period, he should be doing weight training instead. After all, weight lifting has been proven to increase his metabolic rate up to 48 hours after he finished his session. Hence its like getting a bigger engine on your car to burn all the fuel in the tank at much faster rate.

Of course, if that person is already having certain level of metabolic damage, then that person would need different training phase on different period for a few cycle. Higher level of damage will need to be combined with supplement and hormone therapy as it would entail disrupted endocrine cycle.

Its not a simple issue of eating less and workout more. Its about eating and training smarter to get the best result

Why Chicks Should Hit The Weight Room

Recently I had yet another talk with my sister regarding women doing weight training. And its amazing how even in this modern age and feminism, some women are still afraid of getting some iron diet because of misconceptions and old fairy tales. So I hope this article will help convince women to hit the barbell and for the men to cite and better persuade their gf/wife to join them at the gym.

1. You get to eat and not get fat

blueberry cheesecake

A long standing joke is that what women really want is not a dashing rich and adventurous gentleman to be completely devoted to her. What women really wants is to eat and not get fat. And its common sense that in order to loose weight, then you need to spend more energy than what you consume right? Well, what happens if I told you that long term calorie restriction leads to lower metabolism. I.e. you need to continuously reduce what you eat in order to continue loosing weight. Keep in mind that 65 – 75% of calories you spend is while you are resting. Heck research on mice even indicates that if you go on a diet for a while and then you stop, you could even get more fat with the SAME diet as before. So diet alone will not help. Meanwhile, strength training allows you to jack up your metabolism long AFTER you finish your exercise. Basically you can loose weight while keeping the same diet! Mind you all this has been proven by Oxford researchers.

2. No, women will not get ripped just from weight training alone

female bodybuilder

A common misconception is that women that lift weights will get bulky and muscular. Except that Males testosterone blood level is 7 – 8 times greater than females and that the average male produces on average 20 times more testosterone than females. Yes, male body naturally produces and absorbs testosterone at several multiple greater than female. So in order for women to get jacked as big as the image above, they need to use more steroid than men. So no need to worry about looking like a female Arnold ladies. In fact, although this below chick squats more than I do pound for pound, her legs still looks normal.


Her name is Zoe Smith by the way, she competes in 49 kg weightlifting class and she squats 160 kg, more than 3x her own body weight.

3. Helps you adjust your body contour

fitness butt

And butts that squats are always hotter than butt that belong to full time desk jockeys. OK, hiking, skiing and tennis also gives great butts, so please don’t get jealous honey. I for one like legs that have some musculature on it, not just skin and bones.

4. Build stronger bones


Tired of listening to your mom or grandma complained about her osteophorisis? Well, tell them to hit the gym as research has shown how weight training increases bone density even in post menopausal women. Plus the men in the family would definitely appreciate the natural butt lifts their women are getting.

5. They also build stronger joints


Your grandma also complained about her knees? Well, as they say, use it or loose it. Research also shown how weight training helps improve joint health even on people with osteoporosis. Of course the key being doing full range motion, proper movement pattern, and not too much repetitive loading. So I do not recommend de-conditioned people regardless of their age to jump into a crossfit or bodypump class.

So there you have it ladies, happy lifting. And if your man is afraid that you would snatch more weight than he does, then maybe its time for you to get an upgrade and get a better man!