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Why Choose Magnus Breakfast Mix

Waking up late in the morning, you need to rush out the door to head to work.

So what do you eat for breakfast?  Perhaps a quick stop somewhere that consists of bread rich in preservatives and softeners, combined with ham abundant in nitrates, gelling agents, fillers and preservatives.  Or how about those liquid meal replacements on the market?

Not much of a breakfast for champions, but better than none right?

Now there’s a better option for you on the move.  Magnus Breakfast Mix is convenient, natural and has everything the body needs to give you a breakfast for champions.

Below are the reasons why Magnus Breakfast Mix is the ideal breakfast replacement for you:

Rich in Fiber and Whole Grains

Not all fibers are created equal simply because their basic chemical make up is called cellulose. Our digestive tracts are simply not designed to digest wood chips.  However, fiber and whole grains contain a unique blend of bioactive components including resistant starches, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants. All of these components are essential in fighting obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.  Different fibers also have different functions. This is why our breakfast mix contains whole grain rolled oats, chia seeds and coconut to ensure adequate consumption of fibers and while grains.

High in Protein

Whey protein is undeniably one of the most crucial anti-aging ingredient. It is essential for fat loss, best for muscle and strength growth, and is even good for your heart. The breakfast mix contains up to 18 grams of protein, more than half are from whey, which is guaranteed to help powers up your day with quality meal

Low in Calories

The reason why you feel hungry so soon after you had your McBreakfast is due to the amount of refined carbohydrate in the meal. Bad for your waistline as they are still high in calorie and cause you to crave for a snack and bad for your pancreas as the unstable level of blood sugar from the meal can cause diabetes. The our breakfast mix will fill you up with only 320 calories per serving, one fifth of the recommended daily calorie intake according to British National Institute of Health. Hence the perfect meal for those that are on a calorie deficit diet.

Easy to Prepare

Simply pour one sachet to a water bottle, add 300 ml of warm water, shake well, before putting it to the fridge the night before. In the morning, grab your healthy breakfast mix and enjoy it either on the way, or at the office.

Makes You Chew

Magnus Breakfast Mix is not just any kind of meal replacement. It is designed to be in a porridge form such that during consumption, the user will still need to chew before swallowing.  This might sound trivial, but the human digestion system was designed with chewing as the first step.  According to research done by researchers of University of Leeds and University of California (Davis), when we chew, the jaws send signals to the brain and the stomach that will reduce your feeling of hunger and food intake.

Choose Magnus Breakfast Mix and start enjoying the benefit of a healthy, balanced nutritional breakfast today!

Does Veganism Cause Colon Cancer?

As you, dear reader, might have probably guessed from my past diet mythbusting post, I’m a fan of bacon and butter. So imagine by glee I have when ResearchGate, EurekaAlert,  Telegraph, and RT news, all excellent source of credible information mind you, claims on their headline that having a vegetarian diet will cause you to get colon cancer.

After all, the vegans and vegetarians including some respected respected UFC fighters like Nate Diaz and his big brother Nick Diaz has been touting abandoning meat and dairy has help them get stronger. Which is strange since if you think about it, the canine and molar teeth in our jaws proved that we evolved as omnivores.

Of course, sometimes the good things in life must end once you do enough reading on the underlying research. Lets get through them one at a time:

What is PUFA and LCPUFA

fish steakHuman body needs Long-chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (LCPUFA) to function properly from conception to aging. However, LCPUFA are mainly found in fish, along with grass fed mammals and eggs.

What the research actually shows


Based on research done at Cornell University, approximately 70% of South Asians (Indians, Pakistanis and Nepalese), 53% of Africans, 29% East Asians, and 17% Europeans have a very specific genetic variations that could convert plant based Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) into the said essential LCPUFA. There is nothing magical here. Merely the fact that unlike what Paleo nuts insisted, humans do adapt, in this case via genetic mutation, to what they eat. The vegetarians simply become adapted to plant based diet.

So if you are one of these individuals with this genetic variation, you don’t need to eat animal sourced calorie to supply you with LCPUFA.

Where it became a problem

Crude sunflower oil unrefined

Now what happens in adaptation, borrowing the words of Dr. McGill, is that you usually “rob Peter to pay Paul.” In this case one of the LCPUFA is Omega 6 Fatty Acids is a pro-inflammatory and pro-blood clotting agent that cannot be taken at excessive level and need to be balanced with the anti-inflammatory Omega 3 Fatty acids. Since modern processed sunflower, safflower, corn, soy and peanut oil are especially high in Omega 6 and low in Omega 3 (not an issue with traditional sources like virgin coconut oil and nuts and avocado eaten directly), then in this case, the majority of Indians simply became more vulnerable to inflammation when they consume modern diets (think of chicken deep fried with canola oil) because not only are their body also producing sufficient Omega 6 on their own (unlike majority of Europeans), they also need to cope with additional Omega 6 from their food. Hence, chronic low level inflammation that leads to elevated risk of colon cancer, heart disease and a host of other nasty stuff.


nate diaz

Just putting it out there, the brothers I mentioned early in the article actually eats seafood as they definitely have at least partial European ancestry hence they need the aforementioned LCPUFA from their diet. My advice as usual is the same, first try to eat what your ancestors ate,  and as a lot of people (including this article writer) have a mix ancestor here and there, try to experiment a little bit and see what works best for you.

If you are an African Massai herdsman or pure blooded Mongolian and you try to be a vegan without taking appropriate supplements, your children will have higher chance of becoming idiots and you will have higher chance of severe dementia in your old age.