Super Healthy Ingredients That Are Not So Super (3 of 4)[:id]Bahan Alami Super Sehat yang Tidak Super (3 dari 4)

So tea tree oil is not a super cornucopia to cure all your ailments. And chia seeds have its limits. Surely soy milk is a great dairy milk replacement right? After all the Chinese has been drinking this for over 3000 years right?

Soy Milk

Alleged benefits: healthier alternative to dairy milk that is low in saturated fat.

So what if dairy milk is high in saturated fat? Coconut oil has far greater saturated fat content than soybean oil but it’s been proven to be far healthier.  In fact, based on a study done by Soochow University di China, 40 grams of cheese consumption per day actually reduce the risk of stroke by 14%!  Have you ever tasted plain soy milk processed traditionally with no added sugar?  It tastes horrible!  This is why manufacturers dumped truckloads of sugar in soy milk to make it drinkable.  And although milk naturally has sugar in it, this is at far lower concentration, and the presence of fat in milk slows down the sugar absorption into the body.  The same cannot be said on soy milk.  Not to mention the fact that children fed exclusively on soy milk later develop abnormal secondary sex organs.

Conclusion: soy milk can be part of the occasional cold sugary beverage treat healthier than coca-cola, but is NOT a healthy substitute for dairy milk.

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