Super Healthy Ingredients That Are Not So Super (2 of 4)

So we are done with the reason why tea tree oil is not so much of a super ingredient t all. Perhaps we should be refering to it as standard oil instead of essential oil. Now we move on to Chia seeds. This wonderful food was first dubbed as the perfect food by some foodies and now, some claim that they are “intolerant” to them. Lets learn more on why its not so perfect and why it causes problems to some people

Chia Seeds

Alleged benefits: Other than being a great source of fiber and protein, chia seeds are also a great source of vegan Omega-3.  The perfect food replacement.

Browse any wellness blog promoted by anorexic looking Instagram model and you will see no shortage of chia seeds infused meal replacements.  Yes, the high fiber content of chia seeds makes it longer to digest, suppressing a person’s appetite.  This is great for people who want to lose weight.  This is why they are incorporated as one of the ingredients of Magnus Breakfast Mix.  However, this high fiber content can be problematic if you simply ingest too many, and not leaving the seeds enough time beforehand in adequate drinking water for it to absorb water, i.e. it can cause constipation or being bloated if consumed excessively.  Another thing is that the Omega-3 content in Chia seeds are in the form of Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), instead of DHA or EPA that is abundant in seafood, free range chicken and beef.  ALA conversion to EPA and DHA in the human body is under 1%, the rest are just thrown away.

Conclusion:  Chia seeds are not suitable Omega-3 supplement for vegans, contrary to most marketing materials.  Consumed sparingly combined with plenty of water can help relieve constipation.  Consumed excessively with inadequate water will cause bloating and constipation.

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