We employ McGill method in our client training for the following purposes:

  1. For lower back pain clients, following detailed medical examination to eliminate the possibilities of “evil causes” (i.e. cancer, kidney stones, etc):
    • detailed assessment of client’s lower back pain triggers in terms of posture, load and movement
    • proper training methods correlated with the patient’s pain triggers to ensure client can first be pain-free before focusing on improving the client’s athleticism.
  2. Identify the client’s movement deficiency and strengthen the weak links
  3. Functional movement training to enhance muscle coordination in easily applicable patterns.
  4. Emphasis on shoulder and hip mobility improvement while maintaining core stiffness to ensure pain free movement.
  5. Proper training periodization to ensure continued pain free progression for the client.

These days many people claim to be movement specialists. Your average fitness center has no shortage of personal trainers that claim to have XYZ qualifications. Yet many of these same personal trainers failed to recognize the difference between a safe and an injury prone method of kettlebell swing. We also see how often physiotherapists send their patients out the door and declare “Job well done!” only to find them returning in a few months with related complaints.

Hence the establishment of Magnus Performance. Our goal is to help people reach optimal health and performance via scientifically proven methods and nutrition. We strive to provide our clients with the most efficient training method and space with the least amount of risk and the most gains for their pursuit of fitness and performance.

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