5 Reasons Why Protein Is Important for Fat Loss

For decades, the optimum diet debate seems to focus on either a high carbohydrate – low fat diet or high fat – low carbohydrate diet. You see them packed with different “flavoring” and adjustments, say Atkins diet etc. Today we will be shifting the focus away and discuss why research has been showing, we should be focusing on protein instead. Who knows, maybe those meatheads know something.

1. Increased Protein Intake Leads to Increased Satiety

Metastudy published on the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on June 2016 showed that increased protein intake simply makes you feel full for longer period. Keep in mind that the increased protein intake is from liquid supplement instead of having the participants having a nice slab of rib eye steak. And as you know, the longer you feel full, the less tempted you are at eating that tub of pringles.

2. Keep the Weight You Have Lost in a Diet

One of the most notorious thing about going on a diet is the high likelihood of regaining all those weight back in the long term. Fortunately the good researchers at University of Copenhagen, Denmark has discovered a way to keep the weight you lost from returning. No magic pills, simply increase your protein consumption relative to your total energy consumption. Conclusion is that by simply increasing your protein consumption you have far higher chance of weight maintenance after you lost weight from a diet.

3. Helps You Burn Fat while Resting

The oldest adage on weight loss is you must burn more energy than what you take in. The problem is there is a limit on how many times a week you can hit the gym before you will get hit with joint and muscle pain. Good thing is that your body also convert energy into heat all the time. This is called thermogenesis. And research published by the Journal of American College of Nutrition in 2002, showed that protein consumption will increase the body’s thermogenesis by 50 – 100% compared to similar consumption of carbohydrate.

4. Prevents Muscle Loss while Dieting

Another well known fact about going on a diet is that the calorie restriction will cause you to loose muscle mass just as much as loosing body fat. As you loose muscle mass you became more lethargic and became less energetic. The good thing is McMaster University researchers have discovered that having a high protein diet, up to 2.4 gram per kg body weight, while dieting will reduce the risk of muscle loss while you go in a fat loss diet. This way you can loose your body fat while maintaining your muscle mass

5. Reduces Abdominal Fat

Lets be honest, when we talk about fat loss, we usually care mostly about the fat around the waistline, both for health and aesthetic reasons. Lucky for us, researchers ad Skidmore College, USA have discovered that high protein consumption leads to weight loss, specifically abdominal fat. This is true both during calorie deficit and calorie balance phase of the test.


Eating increased protein consumption, relative to the minimum consumption recommended worldwide, has been proven to help people loose weight. Any excess protein the body cannot be used will be naturally broken down by the liver followed by the kidney within the same day. However, this needs to be combined with adequate amount of hydration to ensure your kidney remains in optimal condition.

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