Olympic Rings


Olympic gymnasts are some of the most muscle bound and athletic people on earth. And yet they never lifted a single piece of iron in their life. Inspiration from these people give birth to the Olympic rings exercise equipment that will allow you to build your strength and tone your body.

HKD 180 + Handling 25 (Local HK Only!)

IDR 400,000.- plus IDR 20,000.- handling fee for Indonesia. email magnus.performance@gmail.com  for Indonesian order and Inquiries for shipping to other Asian Countries



High Quality textured ABS plastic rings for solid grip, rated capable of withholding high load to give you firm hold as you do your pulls and dips, 230 mm in diameter and 27 mm thickness


25mm wide, 4.6 m long strong ABS textured straps, combined with steel anti-slip buckles capable of up to 400 kg weight to ensure your safety during exercise

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