Compact Functional Trainer MAGNUS FT1


The MAGNUS FT1 is a compact functional trainer that allows you to train in multi-direction while performing resistance training. These unrestricted, closed loop training are designed to train your body in a functional way, in movement pattern that closely resembles the athletic movement you need to develop. You will also train your hip and shoulder movement and spine stability at the same time, ensuring proper movement engrams in real life settings.

The MAGNUS FT1 is highly compact and can fit into the exercise room in your house. It can increase your overall strength and can be used as part of metabolic training circuit.



Dimensions: 1900  cm * 1370 cm * 2150 cm

Gross Weight (include packing): 320 kg

Net Weight: 298 kg

Included weight plates: 135 kg

Features: The functional trainer main pillar is made of 70 cm * 50 cm * 2.0 large diameter angled pipe with abrasion resistant dark gray, and chrome coating. Seats covers are made with high grade acrylic material. Both the functional trainer and the seat comes with attachment accessories for added training options.

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