EmbraceAir Plus Back Support

The ideal sitting position is a dynamic one. EmbraceAir back support gives this dynamic sitting position based on the latest research. It ensures minimal strain on your back tissues while enabling change of posture from time to time. The air bladder inside can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease lumbar area support. This will reduce lumbar tissue strain. The easily accessible hand pump can conveniently help you adjust your posture. Static Back support cannot provide this feature.

Ideal back supports must also have sufficient firmness. Failure to provide this will allow the spine to change over time where the lumbar spine will flex, suppored by the ligaments and cause pain due to uneven pressure on the spine disk.

Embrace Air Plus comes with inner air bladder. The Canadian patented design will give you the ideal support with 3D adjustable position can be used to match your unique spine shape.

Lordotic curve adjustment can be done by easily adjustable air bladder volume. This will also enable the users to adjust their seating position from time to time.

Each person’s lordotic curve position is also different based on genetic and height factor. EmbraceAir Plus’ unique design allows the user to adjust the lumbar support position according to their own spine. 

EmbraceAir Plus also comes with additional cushion for your spine. This additional support will ensure your back will not experience excessive strain when you sit for extended period.

For buyers in Indonesia, please contact us at magnus.performance@gmail.com or via our online store at tokopedia. For buyers in Hong Kong, please purchase at Wing On department store or at the following retail stores:



Embrace Airplus Back Support 充氣背墊

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