5 Reasons Why You Should Try Powerlifting

What is Powerlifting? In short, its how much you can benchpress, squat, and deadlift. Part sport is even part of the Paralympics (just the benchpress) and in US, if your bench, squat and deadlift is below 1000 pound, then you are considered a weakling. Its a shame that your average gym goer is not familiar with the training protocol despite only needing no equipment but a gym membership. Below are the top five reasons why you should try it.

You go to Train, not for working out


Many people go to the gym with the intention of “working out”. Hence many years they would “work out” and never achieve any gain. A powerlifter will go to the gym to “train” for a specific purpose, and every session will build on previous result. He is responsible to himself. Hence training is not a burden, and he will always feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of his session.

Adjusting the training variable to achieve measurable gains


If you ask a random gym goer, he would not be able to answer which program, length of rest, or even number of sets most effective for him, he can probably only answer based on what “fitness article” he previously read. This thinking is even made worse with the latest craze in “functional training“. A powerlifter will always focus his training on increasing his raw strength. That’s why he is highly aware on what training variables works and which doesn’t and how he should tweak his training when he hits a plateau. He takes full responsibility for his training regimen.

Brings plenty of benefits towards personal health

Many people claim that they go to the gym to loose weight, improve their looks or health. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Fact is, training with heavy weights, especially squat and deadlift has been proven to increase testosterone and growth hormone that is highly important to build lean muscle mass and burn fat all over the body. Plenty of research has also proven the positif benefits of weight training towards increasing bone mineral density. This is clearly far more effective than isolated muscle training you normally see at the gym.

Gives high awareness on optimal positioning and movement

Powerlifters routinely place their muscle, bone and joints on far higher weight than bodybuilders and most other athletes. But their serious injury rate is far far lower than bodybuilding and crossfit “athletes” that does far more varied training with lighter weight. This is due to emphasis on proper technique, proper joint movement and optimal use of different muscle for the most efficient force production. Far different than simply using your muscles in isolation such as a leg curl.

Trains instant power production

Fact is, bodybuilders are far weaker than powerlifters of the same size. This is due to how bodybuilders train for hyperthrophy while powerlifters train to fire all cylinders at the same time and achieve maximal output. Do you want to be the kind of person that is just weak but moves slowly?

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